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AFS Two-Part Polyurethane Rolling Directions

General Information


  1. Stir Two-Part Poly Color Formulation (Part A) for 5 to 10 minutes. Mix 3 parts (A) with 1 part (B), stir together then add to parts distilled water. Stir mixture together (never shake or whip). This should produce a paint viscosity of around 35 to 45 seconds – just right for rolling.
  2. Be sure to lightly wipe the primed surface with a tack cloth just before painting in order to remove all foreign particles.
  3. Using a dense or fine foam roller apply a light layer of AFS Two-Part Polyurethane in one direction only!!! Waiting no more than five minutes from the time of application, follow in the same direction with a taper cut fine bristle brush – lightly tipping out any bubbles. Do not try to move paint with the brush – use the roller for this and only tip with the brush.
  4. After the first layer becomes sticky (when touched) roll a second light layer in a direction 90 from the previous layer. This too is tipped with your bristle brush in the same direction to remove any bubbles.
  5. When your second pass becomes sticky – roll a medium wet layer in a direction 90 from the previous layer. Tip with your bristle brush in the same direction to remove any bubbles.
  6. This can be repeated as many times a necessary in order to get good color coverage. Remember though – thinner is better!
  7. Allow AFS Two-Part Polyurethane to dry overnight at 70 before masking and taping for stripes.


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