Well.. All I can say about Gardner is, "Ask not for whom the wind blows... It blows for YOU!!" What a blow-out. Winds Saturday were gusting to over 40 mph. The only flying done was on Friday and there was a LOT then!

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I received the folowing email from Marvin Story and was asked to pass it along.

To All WWI builders and flyers: My name is Bill Fischer, Executive Director of EAA Warbirds of America. I’m based at EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, WI. Staff here is busy planning for our upcoming convention and fly-in, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The dates will be July 28 – August 3rd.

Do you think there would be interest in the WW-I aviation community and GWAA to bring their aircraft (full size reproductions or scale replicas) to Oshkosh next summer in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of WW-I aviation? If we could attract a good variety of aircraft, with a good cross-section of national representation, we would develop programming and display space to support the 100th anniversary of WW-I aviation.
Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Fischer, WB #549571, EAA #9001812
Executive Director, EAA Warbirds of America
EAA-The Spirit of Aviation

If you are interested in this, please contact Bill Fisher at: bfischer@eaa.org
or call Phone: 920.426.4874 , Fax: 920.426.6579

I received the following email today, 4/16/2014

Guys and Gals,

I have been bitten and bitten hard by the WW1 bug!!! I was looking to see what a Graham Lee Nieuport XI project plane would run and ended up with not one but THREE unfinished ones. I have sold the most complete project and was going to give one to the club to build up and sell,But LIABILITY BUG raised it's ugly head, so I gave that airplane to my friend Jack Landree and his sons to build. I will be bringing my project up to Oshkosh to see if we can build all four wings during Oshkosh(Bob Baslee thinks we should be able to). I know it's a little self-serving having everyone build my wings for me,but feel it will give a lot of folks a chance to see how easy the Aluminum and pop-rivet airplanes can go together. The tail feathers are all done and once the ailerons are built we'll take the tail-feathers and ailerons over to the the covering forum and get them all covered. So I am looking for people who would like to help build the wings. We'll work in the tent next to the clubhouse and if there are enough helpers we could layout all four wings and build them all at the same time. I will be bringing everything I can to build the airplane's wings,but we could use extra pop riveters and clecos to help speed things along. VP Joe will be helping when he can and Chip and his son will also be helping,so that makes 3 1/2! So if anyone would like to help out please send me an e-mail or give me a call.

This is not taking away from the L-4 project and by the time Oshkosh arrives I will have the new engine built & mounted ,the new gear built,the Greenhouse installed and be working on the rest of the conversion to Ultra-light.The hold up has been my health but with a small procedure coming up on May 7 at the VA in Madison that problem should be behind me.
I look forward to seeing all of you at Oshkosh and Cheryl and I have worked up a new menu that will make you wish the RFA BBQ was once a month and not once a year! Please get the word out to all your friends that we are looking for as many WW 1 airplanes as we can fit between the clubhouse and the taxiway! I'd love to see the WW1 airplanes fill up the RV parking area! I already have around a dozen guys who want to fly or trailer their airplanes in. The West Bend EAA Chapter has offered their hanger to let the guys who trailer in but who want to fly into Oshkosh assemble their airplanes. Chip is working on getting EAA to let them fly in right down the main runway and then land at the pioneer airport grass strip. After being on display for the day they will be pushed to the RFA area for display for the rest of the week.

John Hartgerink



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If you are thinking about building your own WWI flying replica but just can't make up your mind... DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK Remember, I warned you NOT to click on the link!!!

Don't Forget the annual Memorial Day Salute to Veteran's Air Show held at Columbia Regional Airport over the Memorial Day Weekend. We NEED as many WWI aircraft: flying, static, projects as we can get to show up. They will treat you better than you will EVER get treated at any other show you will attend!! Email me HERE for more information!!

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And, we're on the aviation blog, JetWhine.

Check out this GREAT video clip by Chris Gerlach from the Gardner, KS 2011 Gathering of Eagles. Click HERE

And, a TV station from St. Joseph came down and interviewed Marvin Story about the Gardner fly-in. Enjoy. Click HERE

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